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I am into trees, my dogs, and connecting with Mother Earth. I believe in my work, and I find opportunities to use it and my business as a channel to help others and the planet in the process. What could be better than that? 



Western Pride Woodworks is a small local live edge and custom woodworking shop located in Innisfil, Ontario.
The company name, Western Pride Woodworks, is derived from my family’s proud prairie roots in Saskatchewan. My proud Ukrainian side. 
My Name is Derek N Lunau, a formally-trained artisan carpenter. I have been perfecting my craft for over 25 years.  My work can be seen in various residences throughout some of the most prestigious areas of Toronto, the GTA and Simcoe County. I was born and raised in Richmond Hill, Ontario.
Brought up from childhood in the world of General Contracting working for my father, a German master carpenter.
I became a finely tuned finish carpenter with a plethora of high-end custom building experience. I have built some extremely unique homes and commercial buildings in my career working for the man who trained me. I decided to leave a successful family business  which I worked extremely hard to help make succeed  for the majority of my career. I decided to make a huge, bold and scary change for my personal well-being and opened my own successful high-end renovation company.  Then the pandemic hit hard. I was forced to pivot and this time the decision was made for me.
I have since broken everything right back down to my love of hands on creation and working with wood every day.  It is my craft, my trade, and also my passion. I have opened Western Pride Woodworks and work full time crafting unique furniture pieces that are one of a kind and made custom to order for you. Sometimes returning back to basics is the most rewarding move you can make. It has served me well in all facets of my life.
Your satisfaction and enjoyment of your custom piece of furniture is held in the highest regard with me.  I strive to make you feel included in the process, respected and treated equally regardless of who you are.  ALL ARE WELCOME TO CONNECT WITH ME AND MY BUSINESS

I am huge on providing old world craftsmanship and good old customer service. crafting you furniture that will be passed on from generation to generation benefiting you and the environment is my modus operandi. I offer my services to you at fair and honest price points


Derek N Lunau Owner and craftsman


our boys  saskie the maltese pomerainian and benson the beagle.  and our sweet lemon beagle ben who left us after a important career as a working dog, and amazing retirement years as part of our family 

Canadian Made solid wood Tables & Furniture

Built To Last Many Generations – Very Durable But Able To Be Repaired – Can Change To Suit Different Needs Later


We want your business and want you to purchase quality one of a kind solid Canadian wood furniture that is made with the old mentality  crafting furniture to last many  generations. This is the right choice for you and the right choice for the environment. Most furniture is now made overseas. Its made to have a very short service life and be disposed of in a couple of years.  This fills our landfills with over 10 million tons of furniture waste per year. Its name “Fast Furniture” We are at the threshold of having to change our actions to reverse catastrophic effects on our environment or…pass the point of no return. We must realise we are paying an extremely high price for cheaply made anything ,especially furniture.  It is more than just about money for us, we want to plant the seed of change in as many as possible so that Mother Nature can repair and grow. I feel that it is a falsity that furniture made with wood veneers over particleboard core are environmentally friendly. They are not made to last or offer ability to be repaired , altered or refinished. The amount of illegal forest clear cutting and unsustainable logging around the world to create these pieces of  “fast furniture” is astonishing.  We also have all the reason in the world right now to be critical of what countries economies we are supporting with our purchases and what that money is used for. It is time we buy quality and its time we buy Canadian

Below is an interesting little bit of information on  Furniture waste “F waste”

F Waste , What is it ? It is the 10+ Million tons of furniture waste that fills our landfills each year. “Fast “Furniture” is the culprit.

Made as cheap and as light as possible for shipping it is usually flat boxed for you to assemble and comes from over seas. It is made to last 1-5 years and wind up in the landfill.

Sound like “Fast Food” ? same principal , quickly fills a need but leaves our body with no supply of good nutrients for future use.

Then comes a great question …

How likely are you to throw away something that holds great value ? Answer : YOU WONT !

Your table or custom piece of furniture is more often than not a 1 of 1 creation made by an artisan from the highest quality wood available. This translates to high value retained for money spent.

 Nothing We Create is “Fast Furniture” It is made to last indefinatley with the right simple care.


Respect and kindness that flows back and forth evenly between both parties is the KEY to a enjoyable custom furniture experience with outstanding results on delivery day. Being totally honest, at this stage of my career this is the only way I will work ! I do not take on every client that approaches me. 

If we are not a good fit I will respectfully tell you it is best you find another company that is more suited to you.  This is not anything but making the best choice for both of us based on a long career of experience working to make my services enjoyable and your satisfaction as my top priority.      

On a budget ?  We love budgets !!! 

Be open with your budget if at all possible !  We want to help you as much as we can ! This allows us to use our expertise to suggest options for you based on your comfortable spend. Everyone has a budget even if it is a large budget .If your budget is higher than what a fair price for your project is , I will tell you, ask some of our previous clients!  I will do my best to get you as much as I can for your budget. Sometimes we cannot offer you our services for what we have to work with, thats ok too, we will be upfront and honest. We dont squeeze you to increase it, or shame you if your budget does not align with your ask. It takes alot to offend us , so dont be shy about being open, this is the best way I have found to do business over the years of my career.



Being a trained carpenter one of the most important things you are taught is  NEVER PUT JOINTS IN YOUR WORK IF THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE!  Sometimes joints are unacceptable from both the aesthetic side and more important the structural side of building. Live edge slab tables look absolutely stunning when they are produced from a single seamless slab. As far as I am concerned this is an example of achieving the highest standard in the look of your table. If you purchase a joined live edge table top it is not that you are buying something that is not structurally sound if made correctly by a trained artisan, but you are purchasing a live edge table with a joint that you can see when there is an option to purchase one without!

Single Slabs are harder to find, harder to work with because of size , but offer a premium finished seamless product.  A single slab live edge table is our recommended choice to achieve the highest level of design. 

We think it is better to be seeking the wood of the large trees that are approaching the end of the life-cycle, have completed it or have outgrown there surroundings and need to be felled for safety reasons. Lets leave the smaller trees to keep growing and benefit all that depends on them. For some interesting information on the highly coveted Black Walnut Tree and how important it is in our ecosystem have a look at this link BLACK WALNUT A VERY SPECIAL TREE “

We found this information so interesting that we are committing to plant one black walnut sapling for every single slab  table we create helping to preserve this precious resource for generations to come.

I do offer superb joinery services as well for all other table and custom furniture designs, if you dont see it listed , I can probably craft  it so please ask !

I hold the utmost respect for the beautiful trees that inhabit our earth. They are just as alive as we. Unfortunately, trees do not stand forever. Some have completed the life cycle, some are sick, some become dangerous and have to be felled. We give new life to all of the above in the form of quality furniture that is passsed on from generation to generation. 






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We offer a 15% Discount to all women on all custom furniture orders , all year every year. 

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Western Pride Woodworks is a custom woodworking shop in Ontario Canada. Handcrafting stunning live edge tables, live edge furniture and all other styles of tables and custom solid wood furniture. Our diversity ,expertise and personal customer service is what sets us apart from other wood shops in the province. We offer spectacular results at some of the best price points around. Contact us for a free and honest quote on your requirements.  We are located in Innisfil Ontario at 7681 10 Sideroad.