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Are you trying to find the perfect board game table in Canada. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated enthusiast, having a custom  made table can elevate your gaming experience. We make some of best game tables available, focusing on offering you the best price points for superior quality custom tables in Ontario and other parts of Canada. Let’s get you into the world of stylish, functional, and high-quality board game tables designed to enhance your gaming nights.

The Importance of Quality Board Game Tables

A quality table is more than just a piece of furniture  it’s a centerpiece for social gatherings and gaming sessions. We offer specialized and totoally customisable features such as recessed playing surfaces, high quality 5 mm neoprene gaming surfaces that feel luxurious to the touch, cup holders and other acsessories that run on a hidden track system, and dedicated storage. Board game tables are designed to make your gaming experience exciting, enjoyable and organized. Investing in our board game tables made in Canada means you’re investing in countless hours of fun and engagement with family and friends.

Finding the Perfect Board Game Table in Canada

When searching for the perfect game table in Canada, there are several factors to consider, including size, style, functionality, and budget. Whether you are the casual gamer, have regular family game nights or are SERIOUS gamers looking for the Sanctum Sanctorum we can craft a custom one of a kind table for you. Here is a couple of things to consider when imagining your perfect table

  1. Size and Space: Measure the space where you plan to place your game table. Ensure it fits comfortably without overcrowding the room. Remember to have space for the removable top sections if you are looking for a board game dining table.
  2. Style and Design: We craft custom board game tables that come in various styles, from sleek 4 leg designs to an unreal trestle base design you have in mind. We also offer many wood types such as black walnut, ash, maple, cherry,oak. For the exotic wood enthusiasts we offer different exotic specialty woods like white or black limba, aniegre, sipo, sapele and others. As long as its sustainably and respectfully sourced we can build your one of a kind table in any wood you choose. Choose a style that matches your existing decor and personal taste.
  3. Functionality: Our tables have features that enhance your gaming experience, such as built-in storage for game pieces, cup holders, dice holders, snack shelves and recessed playing areas. We offer removable tops, allowing you to switch between gaming and dining.
  4. Budget: Tables range in price. Determine your budget beforehand. Remember that investing in our durable, 100% solid wood, and functional tables are worth the cost for long-term enjoyment. We pride ourselves on offering the most table for your money.

Top Board Game Tables in Ontario

If you’re specifically looking for board game tables in Ontario, or board game tables in Canada you’re in luck. We offer a wide variety of options, made by myself, a local artisan crafting beautiful tables. Here are some of the advantages of our board game tables in Ontario

  1. Custom Craftsmanship:  I am a talented woodworker who creates custom board game tables. My tables are tailored to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece that stands out in your home.
  2. Experience : Your table is made by a master carpenter with over 25 years working with wood. Several other larger companies that make board game tables have assembly lines and have people with less woodworking and more factory experience. Some are made cheaply overseas Our business is not that kind of business. I handcraft each and every table I make. Our board game tables come from someone that takes an enormous amount of pride in their craft
  3. Personal end to end service: I am the only one you deal with from the start to the delivery. We make, deliver and set up your table for you if you live in Ontario. We are there personally on delivery day in case you see something we missed in our pre delivery inspection. We fix anything you are unhappy with, no questions asked.

Benefits of Custom Tables

Investing in a board game table made in Canada comes with numerous benefits:

  1. Enhanced Gaming Experience: Our tables are designed with gamers in mind. Features like recessed playing surfaces keep game pieces from sliding off, while built-in storage keeps everything organized. We also have a unique unseen rail system for our accessories 
  2. Multi-Functional: Our board game tables double as dining tables  with the addition of removable top sections. This versatility makes them a practical addition to any home.
  3. Social Hub: Our game tables become a social hub in your home, encouraging family and friends to gather and spend quality time together.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: Our high-quality  game tables add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home decor. With complete customisation options, we can craft  a table that complements your interior design.

Choosing the Right Board Game Table in Canada

When choosing the right table in Canada, consider the following tips:

  1. Research: Spend time researching different types of board game tables, compare features, and look at the company and its customer feedback to ensure you’re making an informed decision.
  2. Customization Options: If you have specific requirements like size, base design, preferred wood type, special accessory requests , consider working with a local craftsman in Ontario like myself who can create a custom board game table tailored to your needs.
  3. Delivery and Assembly: Check the delivery and set up options offered by the company. Ensure that the board game table can be delivered to your location and ask if the company personally delivers the table. This can be a very valuable service in the event you have any questions about the table or see a touch up needed that we missed on our pre delivery inspection, we fix anything you are unhappy with, no questions asked.   We personally deliver our tables across Ontario. Also tell the company if there are any special circumstances that affect the delivery such as a stairs only delivery to a condominium or challenging terrain at home or the cottage. If its something like boat only access, definitely don’t forget to mention it ! If you are not in Ontario dont worry, we ship our tables in sturdy crates safely across Canada and can organize carry in and setup for you. I will be there on your delivery day virtually by phone to answer any questions or address any concerns

A custom made table can transform your gaming experience and become a cherished piece of furniture in your home. We build your table so you have the kind of quality that will stand the test of time. Your table can become an heirloom and be passed down through generations if desired. We do this at some of the best price points around. 


Board Game Table
Board Game Table
Board Game Table
Board Game Table
Board Games Table Base
Board Game Table With Cupholders
Board Game Table With Top
Board Game Table Canada
Board Game Table With Top
Board Game Table With Top
Board Game Table With Top
Board Game Table Ontario Canada

Above is a handcrafted custom games table made of solid ash. A beautiful trestle style base completes the table. Stained grey and finished in a high quality hard wearing topcoat in a satin sheen. This board game table commands presence and exudes luxury. Cup holders and all of our accessories run on a robust hidden metal track system that accessories easily bolt on to the table at any position on any side. No magnets in our builds. All of our tables are completely customizable, there are no limits on size, stain colors, customisation type or wood options. We craft luxury tables at honest and fair prices. We  believe  our prices to be some of the best around for what you actually receive in a table crafted by us. We build our tables very solid with the intention of each board game table becoming an heirloom piece of furniture that will be passed down through many generations. Our tables will stand the tests of time.

Board Game Table
Board Game Table
Board Game Table
Board Game Table
Board Game Table
Board Game Table

Above is a solid premium black walnut dedicated gaming table 7 ft x 4 ft . High quality 5mm neoprene gaming surface. 2 Drawers. Finished in a beautiful satin finish. Please note that our pictured tables are not the only size and customisations we offer. Each table we make is made custom to your own requirements in size and design. There are no limits except safety and practicality of design 

A couple more interesting things to note when considering my company.  

We offer a 15% Womens appreciation discount to all Women on all custom furniture orders all year, every year. 

We also offer a free 5 – 6 ft tall black walnut tree sapling from our little black walnut nursery for our clients to plant at their home. Or if not feasible we plant one on your behalf at our property or in our area. This is standard with all tables ordered from us. For more information on what sparked this wonderful idea and specifically this choice of tree species, please see our about section. We use our gifted talent to build for and understand the bigger picture. 




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 We offer a 15% Discount to all women on all custom furniture orders , all year every year.

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